2 Types of Online Poker Options

Real Money Poker

Choosing between real money online poker sites can create a dilemma – particularly if you are making the transition from play money to real money online poker. Whereas many players may look at the headline bonuses and make their decision that way, there is more involved to choosing between US real money poker sites if you want to avoid blowing your bankroll in a short space of time.

The level of skill required, the volume of traffic and the integrity of the site are all considerations that should be taken into account when choosing between poker sites where you can play for real money. There is also a massive gulf between playing online poker for play money and playing for cash – so we will concentrate on that first for any novice players reading this page.

Free Play Poker Sites

There is no lack of free play poker opportunities. As well as the play money sections on real money poker sites, there are thousands of poker apps available that provide players with the opportunity to play poker for free. This is fine if you want to play recreational poker with no fear of loss, but the standard of poker played on free play poker tables is not at all representative of what you will find on real money poker sites.

Poor play is evident everywhere on free play poker tables. Players get involved in too many hands with poor opening cards, remain in hands longer than they should and make bad betting decisions based on there being no loss (other than some play money chips) if their decisions are wrong.

Sometimes the worst possible thing can happen – bad players win big pots with bad cards. This gives them a false sense of how to play poker properly and encourages them to get into real money cash games of poker with the wrong impression. Furthermore, because play money poker is a recreational pursuit, little consideration is given to important elements of the game such as position and noting your opponents betting actions.

If you want to make the transition from play money poker to real money poker without losing a whole stack of money, your best option is to start off playing in micro-stakes games. Even if you have the bankroll to play at much higher stakes, most micro-stakes players take the game sufficiently seriously to give you a good introduction to playing online poker for real money.